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We understand that good packaging is just as important as the product itself.

We believe that each cosmetic packaging project is unique.

We listen to your specific needs while drawing on the latest market trends and demands, to build your ideal packaging solution. For this reason, we have made a special effort to offer you a stylish, upscale packaging that will stand out on the shelf, helping to build and promote your brand.

We developed the Uniquely Yours program to create proprietary packaging solutions, designed to meet your high-quality products. 

Packaging solutions for new products, existing products, or private, white labeling. If you need to design your new product line from scratch, starting with your logo, or want to redesign your existing packaging, we are the best, most creative, and supportive team you have ever work with.





The biggest reason people choose 3D rendering versus photography is economical will get you faster results and provides you with endless possibilities for displaying your product without using real models, studies, etc.

Once a 3D render has been created, our software enables us to ‘Shoot’ your product from any angle and in any setting, depending on your individual wishes, enabling you to add as many product photos as you wish to your listing.

Unlike a photoshoot setting, we can always pick up from where we left off and make any edits to the scene as the scene is always saved and can be adjusted to your specifications.

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Contract Manufacturing & White Label Services

In addition to our proprietary line of high-quality white label products, we offer our resources to sellers looking to manufacture customized CBD-infused Cosmetics or Beauty Products, haircare, body care, or skincare. Our high-purity organically derived CBD is ideal for use in beauty products. We can assist with every step of the process, from formulation to production to branding and marketing, and everything in between.

CHILIS DESIGN has stock formulas inhouse to meet your immediate needs. Whether you are shipping us empty containers or we are creating your custom labels and packaging, we can fulfill your order within 7 days. After years of testing and research we have developed stock beauty and skincare products for you to choose from:

Many years of research and developing proven skincare and beauty formulas, Chili’s line of stock formulas are known for their high quality & natural ingredients. Chilis design takes great pride in producing highly effective products that are both safe and effective. We employ highly trained production professionals and adhere to the current FDA’s current GMP guidelines. All of our products are thoroughly tested in our in-house laboratory and all of our production batches are subjected to vigorous microbial testing and analysis. All raw materials used in our products are analyzed to ensure that they meet the highest level of purity available on the market. To learn more about our services and a holistic, collaborative approach, please contact Chili’s skincare experts.


At Chili's Design, you can get a full service, including everything you need to market your product.

Branding, e-Commerce website, professional SEO, Custom T-shirts, Vinyl decoration, Wall decals


I would be so happy to assist you on your journey to success!