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In today’s cut-throat business world, standing out from the crowd is not easy. Often, despite having a great product, lackluster presentation and marketing keep the brands from getting a foothold in the market. Therefore, such brands need a top of the line CGI Design Company to showcase their vision to the world.

So, your brand needs a CGI and design agency to communicate your brand identity. But how should you choose one? And more importantly, how can you tell if the CGI companies you are considering have the necessary expertise to get the job done?

The following is a review of the expertise and, by extension, the services Chili Design provides to answer these questions.

Cutting-Edge 3D Product Rendering

3d product rendering is a challenging field. From using cutting edge technologies to constructing models for testing, the process of transforming a simple 3D render into a hyper-realistic product render provides new challenges at every turn. But despite the amount of effort and the talent required, Chili Design has always delivered.

At Chili Design, the convenience of our clients is at the heart of our operation. We know that every render we push out needs to be spot on. Similarly, we are aware that missing even a tiny product detail can cost our clients a lot.

Therefore, to ensure that we represent your vision in the final render, we have streamlined our rendering pipeline. For instance, from the start of the project, we will be in constant contact with you regarding the render. You will receive regular updates about the CGI rendering pipeline.

And from such correspondence, we take your feedback and implement the changes. This is how our cutting-edge 3D product rendering works.

Bespoke Branding and Packaging

We know that not all companies have the budget or the time to develop a product and work on its branding and packaging simultaneously. Our expertise in crafting bespoke branding and packaging for your products means that you can leave it to us and focus on product creation.

During the start of the process, our team communicates extensively with you to understand your brand story. Once we understand your brand values and vision, we will work on crafting bespoke branding and packaging solutions for your product.


Exceptional White Label Product Services

Chili Design is a premier CGI design company that also provides private/white label product services.

Suppose you are in the final stages of your product research, and the launch is imminent. But you don’t have the product containers that match your brand identity. This is where our white label product services come in.

This is how the process goes:

  • You send us a list of your products, and we recommend container designs from our library.

  • You select a tried and tested design or task us with creating something new.

  • We create pre-launch renders so you can showcase your product vision to your customers and market your product.

  • We manufacture the containers for your product and package it.

You market your product, and we both share the joy that comes from a successful launch.

Contact Chili's Design for CGI, 3D product rendering: (786) 803-3433