Best Prototype Companies

3d product rendering and animation is a cost-effective way to showcase your products. And unlike traditional forms of prototyping like photographs, 3D visualizations let you see your ideas and quickly test out any design changes.

Thus, hiring one of the best prototyping companies can give a boost to your product strategy.

So, here are five things to consider before choosing a prototyping company.

Experience Matters

If there is one thing common between all top of the line industrial and 3D product design services, it is their track record. Companies that are on the top of the food chain are almost always the most experienced ones.

That is why, during your search for high-end 3d product rendering services, always ask whether the companies have successful projects under their belt. For instance, if a 3D rendering company has never designed a 3D render for an actual brand before, you should look elsewhere.

At Chill Design, we have multiple brands launch their products successfully. 3D renders, especially photorealistic renders are our forte, and we have the experience to back it up.

  • Proven Workflow Model

For budding brands and entrepreneurs, time is critical. From product development to the marketing campaign, sticking to the schedule is of paramount importance. And choosing a prototyping company that doesn’t have a proven workflow model can disturb your schedule.

Let’s say you choose a rendering service that is still new to the market. Due to a lack of experience, the service won’t have a proven workflow model. So, the chances would be relatively high that you will face unexpected delays and hiccups.

Best prototyping companies like Chill Design have perfected their workflow models. And therefore, when you come to Chill Design for a product render, you won’t face any unexpected delays. And thus, your timeline will remain unaffected.

  • State of The Art Technology

The main goal of a 3D design company is to develop 3D renders that are second to none. No company can achieve this goal unless it is at the forefront of technology.

At Chill Design, we pride ourselves on using state of the art technology to render your products. By staying on the cutting edge of the rendering landscape, we can shorten the turnaround time without sacrificing the quality.

  • Ease of Communication


When it comes to rendering services, a lack of effective communication is a huge red flag.

Effective communication is easy, timely, and serves a purpose. Pointless meetings and long video calls that add nothing to the process are signs that you are dealing with a second-rate service.

Unlike most companies, the communication philosophy of Chill Design revolves around ease of access and respect for the client’s time. We are always available, and we don’t require a whole lot of your time to deliver.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Finally, good 3D rendering services are cost-effective.

The whole point of choosing to go the 3D rendering route for prototyping is that it is considerably less expensive than 3D printing and photographing.

So, choose companies that are cost-effective while providing top of the line work. And Chill Design is proud to be one such company. Not only do our product renderings cost less, but they are also the best on the market.

If you are looking for product rendering freelancers for hire, contact Chilis Design for 3D product rendering: (786) 803-3433.